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The Flow

Where will the water flow to? Where will the bubbles filled with air fly off to? A journey of discovery begins with the curiosity of children and a mischievous sparrow, tracing the flow of liquids, gases, and solids to the flow of sound, electric currents, and blood, and then to the flow of scents, light, and shadow, culminating in the flow of love between people…

This picture book also hides numerous fun Easter eggs: the oddly dressed guy picking up luggage at the airport who appears bustling on the streets later; the family of snails in the garden, found again in a night market swirling with the sweet scent of cotton candy; and the fluffy, muscular alpaca handling luggage and cars, who turns out to be the owner of a spicy barbecue stall... All these are for the young readers to discover on their own.

This book was a Longlist in the 2022 Ananas International Illustration Award.
Published by East China Normal University Publishing Press in 2024.

The Flow

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