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It is a 40-page picture book that tells a heartwarming story of childhood growth. Aimed at children aged 3-5, it intertwines the tales of a young girl, Anna, and baby birds. Both experience the early stages of growth, learning to spread their wings and embrace independence.

During my childhood, the daily car ride to school, lasting an hour, my attention was captivated by the numerous bird nests en route – nestled under eaves, hidden in mailboxes, perched atop towering trees, or amusingly situated on statues. Inspired by these observations, I created this picture book, hope to share the joy of experiencing the world equally with all kinds of small creatures and growing together from a child's perspective.

The book was a Finalist in the 2022 BIBF Ananas International Illustration Award, 2020 Hiii Illustration, and the 2020 Cyber Sousa Award. In 2023, it was exhibited at the China National Convention Center and the 'Star Chaser' Charity Art Exhibition in Beijing.

Nest Map

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