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What does Light Look Like?

"What does Light Look Like?" is a 32-page picture book that delves into the curiosity of an underground pupa wondering about light. While underground creatures warn of light's dangers, the wise ancient tree roots narrate the diversity of light: The light can be scary yet gentle, fleeting yet enduring, colorful and diverse. While some lights may be overshadowed, they find a way to shine elsewhere, and that light can be far, far away, out of our reach. Light can also be incredibly close, it can be you.

The story culminates in the pupa's transformation into a firefly, symbolizing self-discovery and courage to explore diversity. Suitable for children aged 5-8, it explores abstract concepts and uses metaphors to help children grasp complex ideas.

This book was created during my Master's at Cambridge School of Art and remains unpublished.

What does Light Look Like?

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